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finding its way

I feel so quiet on the inside;
I don't know what to write.
Hope is hiding just beneath the surface
Worried that it might be forced to burn down
To the ground
In order to rise from ashes yet again.

In all its hiding, burning, and rising,
Hope is always there
Befriending my unprotected heart
Whispering, wishing, waiting
To know when to show its face,
When to shine.

Hope burns not out
But burns brighter
Like an eternal sun,
A forever supergiant
Casting light across the darkness,
Drowning out the sad.

Quiet keeps me honest,
Looking at myself.
Quiet teaches me
I don't need to know my story before it happens
Because all I need to do is begin,
And hope will find its way.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your poem.. Hope is precious...


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