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9 things

Lists are a fun thing I rarely do, but I always want to. So when I saw the idea on Simply Learning Together: 8 Things, I knew I needed to seize the day…pretty literally and metaphorically actually. Say that ten times fast. haha! So anyway. Here we go:

Nine favorite things for the ninth day of the Slice of Life Story Challenge.

9 Everyday things I wouldn't want to live without:

1. A camera
2. Dental floss
3. My MacBook Pro
4. Household appliances (Is this cheating? If so, I don't care.)
5. Internet connection
6. Electricity
7. My special blankets and quilts
8. Movies
9. Clean tap water

9 Adventures I want to have before I die:

1. Visit the old country AKA Wales and London, England
2. Tour Europe
3. Take a train trip across the U.S.
4. Publish my writing
5. See the Statue of Liberty for myself
6. Own a small business like an arcade or old-time movie theater
7. Purchase enough land to have a family compound of homes and recreational facilities
8. Own an art gallery that displays my work and upcoming artists'
9. Be loved enough for someone to stay

9 Pastimes I never tire of:

1. Dancing
2. Photography
3. Writing
4. Talking with friends
5. Planning parties
6. Helping others
7. Watching movies
8. Planting trees
9. Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Skiing, Bowling

9 Treats I could eat every day (if it weren't unhealthy):

1. Ice cream
2. Gelato
3. Cotton candy
4. German chocolate cake
5. Grape soda
6. Good, authentic cannoli
7. Shortbread
8. See's Candies (any and all)
9. Old fashioned wafer cookies

9 People I'd be lost without (although there are many more!):

1. My oldest daughter
2. My oldest son
3. My youngest daughter
4. My baby
5. Melissa
6. Elise
7. The people in my neighborhood who seem to take turns blessing my life
8. My brothers
9. Jesus Christ

9 Places I want to visit (many covered already, but I'll be more specific):

1. Cardiff, Wales
2. The White Cliffs of Dover
3. Cemeteries in London and parts of Wales where ancestors are buried
4. As close to the Statue of Liberty as I can get
5. The Louvre
6. Anne Frank House
7. Carnegie Hall, New York City
8. Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Scotland
9. The Library of Congress

9 Words that I believe hold magic:

1. Perfect (the second syllable sounded out properly)
2. Imagination
3. Spectacular
4. Incessant
5. Incandescent
6. Relish
7. Darling
8. Someday
9. Transcontinental

9 Gestures that make me smile:

1. Handwritten notes
2. Packages
3. Cards in the mail
4. Leg hugs from little children
5. Being asked to dance
6. Phone calls on my birthday
7. Holding hands (if I like you)
8. Meals planned and provided by anyone other than me
9. Gratitude

9 Favorite songs as of publication (there are MANY more):

Click here: 9 Favorite Songs

And my badge of honor for being a dedicated slicer:


  1. I really like this idea! The last adventure touched my heart - thank you for sharing so much about yourself :) I have been inspired to do a "10 things" for tomorrow's SOL.

  2. I love this idea! Totally gonna borrow it for my slice! :) Loving the tunes...and I loved visiting the Anne Frank House and The Lourve. You should go. Now. :)


  3. Love your lists!!!!!

  4. I couldn't live without books and would never want to try it!


  5. This was so cool to read. And I bet you had fun writing this. Dancing would make a top of my list too. I hope you will get your writing published one day.

  6. The entry about meals prepared by anything other than me was straight out of my own heart. Perfection.

    Here's my post for the day: http://joolimammoth.blogspot.com/2017/03/a-poem.html

  7. we late night slicers, especially when beset by procrastinatation, need forms like this to save us from ourselves

  8. I decide to see which of your 9 I’d like best in each list: Can’t live without #2. Adventures #3. Pastimes #4. Treats #7. Someone I’d be lost without #9. Places to visit #3 (in New England), Magic words #2. Gestures #1. Songs #5. Thanks for the fun, Laura.

  9. I'm commenting from school...but DENTAL FLOSS! Yes! Also, Billy Joel. And number 7 on your adventure list. My friends and I talk about that one a lot. Also, I'll be lingering on your blog for a bit. I like it here! Thanks for coming back to my post to tell me you had written!

  10. I love this idea. These types of lists seem so much more fun to write than the usual "to do" lists! Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe there's a list writing slice in my future!

  11. How did I get so far behind on reading and commenting? Eek! That's quite a list of items! I hope you know that someone leaving isn't always a sign that they didn't love you enough. I still love someone very much and I had to leave. We were toxic together. My lists would be so different from yours. I like how we often like and believe different things but can still come together and be internet friends.


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