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thin ice

Coming up with a good title is tough some days. Some people will leave an entire novel untitled for seemingly ever because they just can't decide. But what about when you come up with a riveting title yet have no content to back it up? What then?

Well, then you get this slice of thin ice life. 

I had a bunch of thoughts flitting about when I typed the title in the box, and then I decided that I didn't want to say any of that stuff. I don't want to ramble on and on about how I don't understand my life right now or how I'm one rotten day away from falling through the ice and not making it out again. 

I want to tell you about how I took care of myself today instead of pushing myself too much. I want to explain how I'm banking on how it all will get me over the worst of things, and I'll feel better. I will be able to smile for days on end again. 

Maybe the ice is getting thin because the sun is warming up my world in preparation for spring. One can only hope. 


  1. May your thin ice be as that shaved for a snowcone on a hot summer's day, lending both cool and sweetness at a needful time. xx

  2. As the sun shimmers on that thin ice, think about how beautiful it reflects on you and makes you sparkle. Think about looking forward and moving on. Thanks for sharing and by sharing, hopefully you will find encouragement. Hugs

  3. If you did want to ramble about how you are worried about falling through the ice, we would listen <3

    My slice: http://joolimammoth.blogspot.com/2017/03/diva.html#more

  4. The sun knows what it's doing!

  5. I firmly believe that spring is on its way to brighten your life. You are an amazing woman and I am always available for you to vent, cry, scream - whatever you need.


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