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When I was young, I remember playing chess and winning. I don't remember learning how to play—just that I was little and won. And then I didn't play chess for a very long time. I don't remember playing at all actually until my oldest son and I began the venture of learning/relearning together. During his first year of high school, he'd go into the library during lunchtime and play chess. He learned so much that way, making him the chess expert at our house. 

As I think about it more, I might have played here and there with a boyfriend of mine, but I honestly don't have any strong memories to verify. 

But I digress. 

The point of this slice is that my oldest boy has now taught my youngest boy to play chess, and then I spent an amazing evening beating the pants off my little guy in preparation for him to be in the Chess Club at his elementary school beginning this week. He is so excited. I even signed up to be on the substitute list of chaperones in case they ever need one. And it was so fun to see how happy it made him to play a smart game, as we decided that chess is.


  1. What a great story about the cycle of learning! I am sure there are many chess moments in the days to come. Chess can be a bit addicting!

  2. Ironically Chess was the game in our home yesterday. My third daughter has joined the Chess Team at school. Someone who doesn't know her well may never "label" her as a chess player, but she loves the challenge. I know you are good at card games, but I am surprised about the chess. See, we never truly know a person until we choose to learn about them.

  3. The pride you must get out of seeing one of your children teach the other a skill that you gave to them must be one of those things that makes parenting magical. I love the warm tingly feelings that idea gives me. :)

    Here's my slice for the day: http://joolimammoth.blogspot.com/2017/03/this-blog-has-changed-my-life.html

  4. Welcome, chess mom!

    My son is such an enthusiast at his elementary that while we visit St. Louis for spring break, we are visiting the Chess Hall of Fame. I am just glad he has found something to truly love!

    Slice of Life name- PamLingelbach. Sorry- my phone hates posting on this site and won't let me sign in properly.

  5. Beautiful parenting moment. Thank you for sharing!


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