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band life

The bus misser aka our favorite tuba player ever is graduating this year, so we will have different stories to tell for him soon. But like any good relay race, the band baton is getting passed to my mini-me without skipping a beat.

It's exciting to think about the different experiences they will have. I love catching the tuba player encouraging the oboe player turned flute player for marching season. It is fun to see how much they love playing music. I feel happy, our home is happier when they play music, and I can easily imagine my parents listening in and smiling.

So it's been six years of band life thus far, and we've had some overlap with two kids in it. If my youngest gets in next year, we will live the band life for a total of twelve years solid with some overlapping in the middle. This means I'm halfway through my band mom life. I'm not very good at it for being in for so long, but I will say that my separation began when band life began, so I don't have the time I used to. I do what I can though, and I love it!

Halftime shows and football games and concerts four times a year along with festivals and competitions make my world go round. I loved band as a teenager, and it's even more fulfilling to see how music helps my children.


  1. I was a band geek, but none of my kids are. They are athletes. So it's strange for me, and I miss that sense of musical togetherness that came with being in the school band.

  2. Music is a precious gift that we can give our children. It is something that will last longer than many of the other things they participate in their childhood. Good for you for sacrificing for your kids to have this precious gift.

  3. Love band life 😋 So glad to keep,living with music.
    A good habit to create in high school
    Bonnie K

  4. Okay I loved being in band. The fact that you are a band mom on top of everything is amazing. You rock, as always!

    My slice: http://joolimammoth.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-ranch-story.html


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