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writing changes lives

I inspired someone to write a blog. And it has changed her life. See: This Blog Has Changed My Life.

My aspirations in life as a writer and teacher and blogger and poet and future published author just got a shot of adrenaline. Like all of her success adds to my success, making anything she does part of my joy. Seeing all the readers she is beginning to have trickle in and their comments make my day. I just love it.

Most likely, the reason I love it so much is partly due to the fact that Juli and I are related, but another part is that this blog—my blog—has changed my life too. Her sheer delight reminds me of myself nearly six years ago this month when I had my handful of family and friends who would faithfully read my ranting and raving, cheering me on as I found my style and bona fide readership.

There is no telling where this blog will take me. I want it to take me to my goals that I've been striving toward for so long I can nearly touch them. But I just don't know.

What I do know is that I'm thankful that I could inspire someone to write—that somehow what I'm doing looks inspiring. It doesn't feel inspiring some days, but so long as it does the job, I'm not complaining.


  1. How wonderful! I do sometimes think about writing again, particularly when I read your blog, but it's just not something I'm ready to dedicate time to right now. I love that you have so many aspirations! Keep aspiring, my beautiful friend!

  2. Hmm, the last comment didn't work out so well! Anyhow you inspired me to write something, no matter how poorly written! You inspired me. Not my greatest but it's something! http://inelegantunpremeditatedlife.blogspot.com/2017/03/question-if-answer-gratitude.html

    1. Okay, I give up. It looks all funky and it combined the message I tried to post before with the new one. *sigh*

    2. All the comments worked! I think you needed to let it update or something. I'm going to check out your writing!

  3. Fantastic! Funny, I wrote about writing today as well. Sometimes I think that if I don't ever get published, at least I've inspired my kids to write more. And they know all about how publishing works (or, in my case, doesn't yet work)! Wonderful that you've inspired another...I'm going to check out her blog now...

  4. Inspiring people is a great feeling! love the name of your blog too!


  5. It's amazing when an inspiration from one person can make such a life changing event in another. Good for you!

  6. Hey, that's me! Haha, thank you for helping me find an outlet that has had such a huge impact on my life. You are a teacher through and through <3

    Today's slice:http://joolimammoth.blogspot.com/2017/03/my-muse.html#more


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