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joy quest: farmers

Okay. I don't mean to sound completely city, but there's nothing like buying corn from a farmer. It all comes from farmers, I know, but to purchase it directly from them to help a small farm just feels extra American to me.

I've had a real long day with lots of work and garbage and joy, but I just want to give thanks right now that I live somewhere that I can find a farmer to give my money to for their hard work and sacrifice in having a life that provides such delicious food for my family and me.

My joy was so full handing over the cash. My joy was even fuller as we pulled the husks off and cooked the corn. And my joy was truly at overflowing as we had this nice corn to eat for dinner, seeing how much my children enjoyed and appreciated it.

I just want to say thank you to anyone who is a farmer or knows a farmer who is reading these words.  It's such a blessing to have farmers make life so good.

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