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joy quest: more joy

I typically use only my very own photography and other graphic arts creations, but I saw this the other day, and it touched me deeply.

After reading it over a couple of times, I allowed myself to acknowledge how my actions keep me from joy. How I keep making excuses for allowing others to marginalize, disregard, and hurt me. Anyone who knows me knows that life has been almost constant struggle for more years than we should count. And if they actually care about me, they wouldn't make my life more difficult—at least not knowingly. This brings me to believe that if I know something is making life harder, responsibility lies with me to make sure others understand what is happening. And still—I have paid for this.

I have been through enough getting backstabbed and being unloved and under appreciated. I don't have anymore room for waiting on people to value me. I shouldn't need to be on the defensive all the time just for being alive.

Today's joy quest treasure brings with it a pure knowledge that I am worth more than how I've been treated, and I am making room for more joy to come my way. No more feeling like I don't belong. No more anything except watching for how I can improve myself and for the people who love me for who I am—imperfections and all—just like I do with everyone I love.

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