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joy quest: when joy finds you

Confession: I had a productive day, a good day, a weird day, a bad day, and a sad day all in one day, and I decided that I would not go to bed until I let myself choose a joyful part to focus on—because there were many good parts.

And so I couldn't sleep . . .

Until one of my hundreds of cousins messaged me and asked all the tough questions, drawing out my tears that had been overshadowing the joy.

She just listened and was supportive and everything I needed right now. Well, everything except a boyfriend. But according to her, "[she's] heard China has an abundance of men," so I guess she's shipping me off to China if they don't do mail order husbands.

And that's how I discovered that joy had found me. My looking was doing nothing, or at least not much. I needed her to come and get me, make me laugh, and show me that I am cared about.

You do need to be at least looking, but I promise you that joy finds you so long as you leave a light on.

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