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joy quest: a rough day

I could write sheets and sheets about my bad day; however, this is a joy quest, so I need to find the joy.

So anyway, knowing I had a hard time getting through life today, I decided to take advantage of the discount seats at the local movie theater. I have learned that when things get messy and I just need a break—I need to take a break. And that usually entails me getting out of my house. There's just something about breathing different air even for a half an hour or so.

It was so relaxing to take my movie blanket and get a treat without anyone pushing on me to do this or do that. I got to just watch and breathe. The drive to and from the theater wasn't too hectic either. I got home mega fast actually. It was astonishing. And that is joy enough, right? But then I have so much more to be joyful about: Going to the movies, it was an entertaining show (that King Arthur one), I was safe, and so much more. So many good and joyful things happening for my benefit to help me.

I want to give thanks for my friend who was so kind to put up with my rough mood today too. Patience is something to rejoice in especially when meted out to yourself. It's humbling to know that only a few select people will accept you and help you even on one of your worst days. I'm humbled and grateful—and have joy in my heart.

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