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joy quest: mermaid island

I was hiking (more like walking out in nature) along the river in Zion National Park with my daughter with autism and my youngest son, and we came to this spot.

The picture hardly captures the vibrant color of greenish blue water mixing with the browns and greens even with a nice filter on the photo, but it does show you the gist of what we saw with our eyes. It was so beautiful. But that photo is here to give you the background to what gave me joy and will continue to give me joy as long as I can remember.

We came up to this section of the river from along the sandy beach pathway, and we stood there appreciating the gorgeous scene that you look at now plus more, and my little son said that it looked like mermaids lived there. Then he said a little more to that effect, and we stood there a little longer wishing we could jump in and swim over to the rock island where mermaids live.

It was a simple moment, yet I can hardly describe my joy. I thought about many things, but the thing that came to mind foremost was in having one last child to share in the wonder that our world is. I didn't count on having any more than two or three children, but he came along and has made my life so different and so good in ways only his personality could bring about. Next, I thought about how my older children were out hiking the real deal stuff on Angel's Landing and how happy it makes me that they get along now—mostly.

As I let myself enjoy that mermaid moment, I tasted simple and abiding joy. I'm thankful for this quest that has been helping me keep my heart open to finding it to taste.


  1. A mermaid moment - these kinds of moments are like pearls. Beautifully written piece.

  2. Isn't is funny how simple beauty can bring out the best thoughts? It's wonderful that you could capture the moment.

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely "mermaid moment" with us. -- Christie @ https://wonderingandwondering.wordpress.com/

  4. Simple and abiding joy - there's nothing sweeter! So glad you captured this mermaid moment in your slice.

  5. I love how joy springs forth in this slice and in your recalling the moment at Zion with your children. Your son's comment is so fanciful.Being outdoors matters.

  6. They get along now.... mostly. 🤣


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