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Another Fleck of Brillancy

I have found a FABULOUS website for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Beauty Redefined was started in an attempt to make social change in the area of how women and men look at women and how we determine their worth. It is a brilliant site and I especially love this article. It is a bit long, but worth the read:


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  1. Laura,
    Thank you for this beautiful shout-out to Beauty Redefined! My sister and I are the co-founders of this project and we are so thrilled it's taking off so beautifully, due to amazing women like you who stand up for truth and share it with a world so in need of light. Thank you!! - Lexie Kite

  2. Wow! Thank YOU for stopping by my little blog. I am not doing such a huge thing here, but my goal is to make a difference one reader at a time. I hope you will come back from time to time and join in the discussions here.
    And thanks for the good work you are doing. It is amazing.


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