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purple highlights

I went through my blog posts and pulled out a sampling from the first three months in order to expose some of my favorites that have yet to be widely discovered or have been somewhat popular but I love them so much I hope more people will read them and love them, too.

Enjoy and please share ones you like with your friends and family!

all things purple: Ageism: What to do about it?

all things purple: Breakfast at Tiffany's: Romance Addiction at Its Best

all things purple: The Brighter Side of Things

 all things purple: Frankenstein! Friday!

all things purple: I will survive!

all things purple: Jane's Silence

 all things purple: Kissing, the Movies, and Permissible Infidelity

all things purple: Monkey Bars

all things purple: The Politics of Princesses and Hair

all things purple: Whimsical Wednesday

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