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Ok everybody. I keep on saying that I have links fixed and all that jazz and sometimes they really are NOT, but I think I have it this time. I promise.

I believe the RSS link is good now so you can subscribe in a reader. I actually thought that was the same as subscribing to have emails sent to you and it might very well be, but it hasn't sent me any, so I put a box for email subscriptions too.

I super need your help. If you subscribe by email and it does not send you the emails, PLEASE post a comment here. I am learning and the process is uber slow for me, but with your help I can realize that things are not working sooner than later and try to fix things. I want you to be able to share things with your family and friends and them actually be able to subscribe if they love what they see!

One last thing, THANK YOU to all of you who have left such supportive and positive comments over the past week on some of the posts. Sometimes, I get all wrapped up in the challenges facing me and I need to be able to express myself in abstract or indirect ways and so many of you have been receptive to what I have had to say and you don't even know the backstory. I have deep gratitude for the opportunity I have to develop my writings skills and share the product of those attempts with all of you all over the world.

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