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My Professional Skills

I have gained a wide range of skills during my career as a parent, such as cooking more delicious meals, gardener, mending clothes, scrapbooking, frugal shopper, family psychologist, entertainment coordinator, laundry service director, etc. And those sound fabulous, right? Well, my little son decided that I am absolutely brilliant at yet one more skill--

So, not to be gross or anything, but my five year-old asked me to wipe him after going to the restroom and let me know that I have skills he doesn't. When I explained to him that he is going into kindergarten, he is big, and he needs to build his skills in that area, he told me, "But mom, you are a professional. I use WAY more toilet paper than you. AND it takes me even longer than [big brother] to wipe!"

Where does "Professional bottom wiper" fit on a resume? Or would that go on my teaching vita?

One thing I should be grateful for is the boy appreciates what I do. Either that or he has learned that compliments go a long way...

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  1. Hmmmm... that would have to go under "Other Skills" on a resume, I think. :) Save that skill for later, though. When your parents get old, you might need it. My Mom was blessed with the most amazing nurses aides who took such loving care of her, so I did not end up changing her diapers that last few weeks. But I would have... Her Mom Resume was full of talents that I can never hope to measure up to, but to have a chance to "Mom" her back if needed, I would have. Not being a Mom myself (married straight into grown kids), I missed picking up some of these skills. I think the grandkids can tell. ;)

  2. Carolyn: I never thought about how "capable" I am from the experience. Thanks for the positivity! and it is great to see you here on ATP

  3. LOL, I'm so not looking forward to this job as The Boy gets older!

    Thanks for coming by! I'm following you!

  4. Losing Brownies: looking forward to good times. I am glad you like what you see here.

  5. That would go after the question "Do you have any other skills we have not covered in this interview?" Going through the exact same thing right now, except I don't get the compliment. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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