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things are a mess

i have fallen off the writing wagon people.
the last few days have taken their toll and i, the one with something to say about anything and everything at any given point, have no words.
therefore, i take a few words from the eloquent c.s. lewis to fill in the gaps and express somewhat how i am feeling and thinking...

I keep on through habit fitting an arrow to the string; then I remember and have to lay the bow down
- A Grief Observed

and no-- no one died, it just feels like someone did. maybe a part of me.
one thing i am absolutely certain of is that this painful time in my life will bring me to a better place.


  1. Good find on the C.S. Lewis quote. I don't think I have collected that one yet, but I can't be sure. :)That whole book (A Grief Observed) would be a fantastic read for you any time, but especially right about now. Also, you can go to the library and pick up the movie Shadowlands (Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger) and watch that. It tells the biographical story behind C.S. Lewis' grief that led him to write that book. It's a unconventional romance. I think you'd like it and it might serve as research, too. Love you, hang in there! You're doing fantastic! I admire you...

  2. Whatever you do... when you lay down the bow - don't pick up anymore of the Magnum Gourmet Ice Cream Bars. On the other hand it's a heck of a lot better than picking up other magnums.

    You are doing much better than you realize! You are a beautiful and wonderful woman of faith. You are standing for truth and righteousness. You are providing a way for those around you to do the same. You have good courage! You are a beloved spirit daughter of God. (see "The Relief Society Declaration," (2008) and start memorizing it!!) You can do it!!

  3. Rest and allow the Lord to minister to your deepest needs. After His Holy Refreshing, what you've learned through this time will be a blessing to someone else going through something similar. There is value in everything we go through, even the seemingly useless parts of life.

  4. thank you for the love and reminders, girls. every word has helped and I appreciate you.


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