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Seeking To Become - June 2012

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities
Psalms 31:7
 Any of you who have been reading this series know that I have been on a trail of tears for quite some time. (And any of you who haven't been and this is your first time considering joining the monthly challenge now know this fact as well.) Each month I set forth a spiritual challenge in an attempt to keep myself going strong and looking to whom I should for support, and I cordially invite you to join me.

As I reflect upon the sore trials that seem to keep rolling in, they are nothing in comparison with the great and marvelous gifts God grants me each day. He blesses me with tender mercies which have value beyond price even in the moment I receive them and grow into a treasure trove of relief when I ponder on them all collectively. As I seek to recognize all that He has done to consider me, I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude and love. The power of Christ's healing atonement is visibly at work in my troubled heart. He grants me great mercy, for which my love for Him continues to expand and my testimony of His power expands with that love. 

I desire happiness and peace. I yearn for my troubles to fade away. Jesus Christ does not promise to push peace on us nor does He promise to take away adversity, but He does grant mercy that we may be wrapped in peace amidst our trials if we accept His gift.

The challenge for this month is to seek to acknowledge the Lord's mercy through rejoicing and gladness in each day. Let us strive to look for even the smallest of blessings which provide us relief, and, while doing so, grow to know the Savior better that we may be more like Him.

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