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This Phoenix Speaks

Seven years in the making, my first published book, This Phoenix Speaks , is now a reality. The tireless and tiring work invested to ma...

...and the list goes on

The confidence of others; getting of a kiss from someone who adores me; a kind word on a less than good day; getting to the top of a trail in time to see the sun peek out over the horizon; watching the sun melt into the sea while breathing in the brisk salty air; getting a letter in the mail from anyone, yet most especially from someone who knows how much I love it; hope in every good thing coming to me in good time; getting to know my mother enough to truly love her before she died; the privilege of becoming a mother and realizing it is a gift; getting to know the many people that I can honestly call my friends; a smile on the face of someone I love because I helped put it there; getting into the car at the beginning of a roadie no matter the destination; the clean and beautiful sense of peace which abides in my heart ever since I recognized who I am and where I belong and did something about it; getting over the heartaches of life long enough to taste happiness; learning how to use language in such a way that leaves no doubt of my meaning; getting away with being brainless and intelligent all in the same conversation; the touch of a caring hand as it encircles mine in moments of lamentation as well as the most luminescent joys; getting to hear a long lost voice on the other end of the line because I was not forgotten; seeking beauty in its several forms; writing; loving; wishing; giving; receiving; dreaming of and remembering you are what I have lived for...

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