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Official Adventure Day

Today was absolutely packed with adventure and drama. I invited seven extra children to come play, so when we do our math it means that I had eleven children scampering about for a large portion of the day--and it wasn't even anyone's birthday for crying out loud. (Just call me crazy. I don't mind.)

My house was already messy when the troops arrived, but holy hurricane! You should have seen what the family room looked like before I had everyone who didn't make any of the mess help clean it up. I am so grateful for all of their selfless assistance (even if it was begrudged by a few of them). I would have wanted to cry when everyone left otherwise, so it was invaluable.

Whilst the hurricane was happening, one of my sister-in-laws had come over so we could make jam: apricot-apricot, raspberry-apricot, pineapple-apricot, and blueberry-apricot. The blueberry-apricot turned out to be yumalicious and purplicious all in the same jar. (see photo) Continuing, I believe the jam-making contributed a great deal to the strength of the hurricane due to the adults also making a raving mess in the kitchen--I keep shuddering at the thought of how sticky my hands got.

With pillow fights getting started and then stopped (by crying and sergeant mom), video games being played, crafts and makeup being done, toys being strewn all over the place (I mean getting played with), movies being watched, camping trips being prepared for, and not to mention the loads of fruit being boiled to death for hours on end, everyone had something to do.  When I stop to think on it, I am amazed that everyone actually had fun and it wasn't mere chaos.

One more thing--there has also been a fire ablaze on the hillside a few miles south of where I live. I have not been able to stop pondering on the situation and have drawn breaths of prayer all day long for the firefighters and all the evacuated families.

It was wonderful to spend time with family and friends today, making jam and messes, playing and talking. I also feel exceedingly grateful to be safe in my home. I will continue to pray for those more closely affected by the fire.I hope you might feel inclined to join me.

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