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reaching goals

As I contemplate the many things I have done in life, I think of the goals I set to accomplish them.  Some people are list keepers; some are number crunchers; some are like kites, floating aimlessly with the wind; and some people have an inner drive that keeps them running toward the goal. I have fallen into each category at some point in time, but realize I am more the driven sort. Once I have my eye on those goal posts, I work to make it happen, changing my game plan when necessary by learning all I can from others and mistakes. I allow a wish to grow in my heart, and I pray to know the path to take to make it as safely as will teach me all I need to learn. Oftentimes, we do not want to tackle the hard things standing in our way of attaining goals, but work is a key component of success. The fumbling of a ball here or there is to be expected. No one's game is ever perfect, really. To be honest, the best goals are those we have to strive for to achieve. They are messy, yet worth every scrape because we can learn from them. I will continue running the ball down field until I am able to touch down at the goal only to get back up again for the next play.


  1. Great picture to go with your words and fabulous goal setting thoughts. "They are messy, yet worth every scrape because we can learn from them. " I love this part. The hardest things in life are those I have learned the most from and changed the most because of.

    1. I agree. I believe I will become near unstoppable by the time my current hard thing has finished changing me. At least that's what I'd like to hope.


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