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TwitterVerse: Vol. IV


ferocious fighting ~ a fickle feeding frenzy ~ forced fake friendliness
sweet visions of you ~ elicit brightness of hope ~ in my mind and heart
my difficult day ~ crowded out hope ~ squeezed out strength ~ enough to start fresh
Unearthing some hope ~ she plants seedlings down deeper ~ cultivation wish
distorted and blurred ~ manipulation secured ~ merely self-assured
reaching farther now ~ living brave for the future ~ past suffering pain
In the midst of night ~ fair words arrest my senses ~ I'm captivated
refreshingly cool ~ washes away worries ~ essential for life
Positivity ~ ebbs and flows drifting into ~ Negativity
tired from weeping ~ depleted by selfishness ~ consumed with thinking
kindnesses dreaded ~ promised punishment arrived ~ elusive peace hid

Books are more than just books
words have escaped me for now
You could be my everything if...
Writing unleashes the creativity trapped within.
Sleep and I are not friends
love at feverpitch pace burns out
Writers write words wittingly wielding warrant. #Alliteration

join me in the atmosphere ~ floating on our love-made cloud ~ mutual adoration #mp
without ability to see how/to love and trust and care/for life has taught some different things/more than a heart can bear

Look at me/ yet do not touch/ when others can see/ Don't push your luck. 

Can he wrap you in a blanket of security? Bind your heart with happiness? Give selfless love eternally? Especially when he's low?

some days poetry is madness/ breaking the silence which could be peace/ if we would just stop to listen

Promises belong in the past/ once simple choices change love to lost.

these simple lines .  performed their task . most perfectly 

#duet with @DivorceZen

DZ: even in stillness ~ the dance never stops
PL: the music from within ~ moves our very hearts
DZ: we resonate ~ in perfect harmony
PL: with zest and fervor ~ I shall play ~ writing love's words along the way
DZ:  let me be your instrument ~ play our melody
PL:  writing what should only be felt ~ love's hard-earned symphony

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