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Today, I go to court and so I am experiencing a bit of nerves, to say the least. I have never played a starring role in court. Well, that isn't quite true because I once made a claim in small claims court, but I didn't have an attorney and let's face it-- it was called small claims court. It just isn't the same. I go to real court today. I will have an attorney talking for me. I will leave the place having been told what to do with my life by someone else.

What do I think of that? I really do not like the idea, but negotiations have been exhausted and life must move on and in a positive, forward motion.

Life has been outstandingly stagnant; therefore, forward motion sounds utterly amazing and incomprehensible, actually. Living a life surrounded by people who care about me should be something I comprehend. It should feel more natural. But like I said, life has become stagnant and unchanging in one of the most vital areas I can think of.

I hope for a couple of things to result from this experience: First, I want closure, but doubt I will get it since this is simply the first court date; Second, I desire to have the ability to make some plans for my life. Everything has been a stagnant status quo devoid of achievable long term goals. I like to know where my feet might take me if I try, so this lack of even being able to imagine where life will lead bothers me a great deal.

With all this said, I am probably getting ready to go to, driving to, arriving at, in the middle of, just leaving from, falling apart due to, or contemplating impending peace because of what was decided at court while you read this.

Long story short-- please pray for me, leave an encouraging comment, something. I am certain I will be needing all the moral support a woman get today.

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  1. Prayers!

  2. Praying for you.
    The topic is prayer. The subject is writing. Very well written piece. I am held in suspense, and wondering the outcome.

  3. The place to go when life is uncertain. I am joining in prayer.

  4. I will certainly hold you in prayer - and hope that the resolution is one that can move you in a positive direction. I realized more and more that writing (sometimes only for myself, but more often now sharing with others) helps me to clarify my thinking and organize my thoughts. We're behind you and in prayerful hope for you.


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