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TwitterVerse: Vol. V

Love's oblivion . engulfs and drowns out all sound . deafening silence
between you and I . lies something overwhelming . legendary kiss
sorrows rain down . drizzle showering downpours . soaking them clear through
writing broken words . pasting them all together . hope you comprehend
night falls upon us . lifting hearts beyond their dreams . until we awake
singly elusive ~ outside of my reach for now ~ Where have you gone, love?
old memories new . complicated wishfulness. heart-wrenching madness
dragon-like feeling ~ fire burning to white hot ~ a personal hell
ever wakeful thoughts ~ blurred beyond recognition ~ relentless battle

climbing playground toys ~ Childhood personified ~ sugar-laced and wired
drifting between lines . uprepared for emotions . caught in purple dreams

There is a little something/that no one likes to say/ A part of life now missing/ once thought trivial but no/ the loveliness of kissing

a loving word given in peace/ comforting embraces/ happy smiling faces

dreams written on the page/ only to be burned/ in the sunlight of your day/ lighting the bleakness of what I learned

I sigh as I see you writhe/ grief's grip guides me to your side/ desiring love's fire to be enough/ to get you past her selfish rebuff

wanting, warm embraces/from my future love/may you fill holes never filled/ you are all I think of/waiting, longing/you will be enough

I see you living bravely and/ the heartaches you must have known/ let me fill in the cracks/ and mend your ragged edges

I have a story to tell/ although you might/ not like to hear it/ I am pretty sure I fell/ for you last night/ some embers were lit

in a trance/ they began to dance/ colliding paths only by chance/ pricking her heart with love's lance

We may duplicate words/yet no one can duplicate/the soul which feels them/Speak with your heart/all the time/and words shall be thine

my muse has left me to myself ~ words will not find me ~ I cannot write

Every disheartening blow ~ knocked me off my feet ~ took my breath away ~ it looks like he won ~ by TKO #trilogy
As I gather what's left ~ of me I get up for one last round ~ before time runs out ~ I refuse to remain bereft #trilogy
Shining through the sadness ~ see me strike out on my own ~ I can do better than just make it ~ I will embody gladness #trilogy 

trapped beneath a pile of books/ she looks around to see/ how he never really loved/ but shoved her gift away #trilogy
They pay each time their eyes should meet/ a feat of nature gone awry/ though shy, attraction fills the room #trilogy
love looms all around/the ground seems far beneath/her wreath of beauty could surround/feels bound instead/he read her book wrong #trilogy

love breathes life into my life
on the threshold of joy unbound
 leaping head first into the future

you hearten me more than words allow #sixwordsplusone

Electrifying ~ madness of my fav'rite sort ~ blind adoration #haiku

drives me farther/ into myself waiting/ for a ride/ home into your heart

To make you want me/ would be to take out the gift/ of love given/ with a whole heart/ and longing in each moment 

They touched each day before they left/ leaving a spot of shade where they once were/ models of love and how to be

a river of spoken, written, and unspoken knowing . here in place without time . forever moving together . wishing

without understanding ~ no learning ~ without learning ~ no peace

as we connect/ through words/ our worlds colliding/ writing, thinking/ understanding, learning/ attaining unworldly peace

It is heartening to see/ a man writing words/ sounds succinct and full of love/ compete with songbirds

Who needs a composition to compete with such sweetness? Friendship goes deeper, than poetry can write, in its completeness

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