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I was responsible for chores alright. My brothers and I were made to rotate responsibilities, so at some point in my childhood I had done every household chore you can think of at least a million times--or so my childish memory recalls. I can't say I actually enjoyed any one chore though. It never came (comes) natural to me, and I never got (get) into a "cleaning mood" like some of my friends. It was (is) a necessary evil, and that's it. However, my first job I worked at taught me to enjoy one chore, and I still go to it first to this day.


I worked at Miller's Outpost. And yeah, they don't exist anymore, so that pretty much dates me to high heaven. So anyways, I worked in the Miller's Outpost in the mall, and at nighttime, we had to vacuum the entire store from wall to wall. Since I had zip training in counting down a cash register drawer, I usually got stuck with the vacuuming and straightening any messed up racks. After a couple weeks of this routine, I found that it was relaxing to pace back and forth across the floor with the hum of the vacuum surrounding my thoughts.

Not to say that I love any chore, but vacuuming is my go to when it's time to get busy on keeping the house in order.

In one word, I shall tell you the chore I have always never "enjoyed": Laundry. End of story.

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