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my education


I have been going to school for ever it seems. I couldn't even tell you all the courses without looking at a transcript, yet I would say that my education has not only been from my time spent inside a classroom. Every time I see a good example of kindness, giving a soft word when someone else would be angry, generosity of heart, and true charitable service, I am educated. My friends teach me these things every day. My children show me how to be pure in heart and keep things simple sometimes on a moment by moment basis. My parents educated me in how to treat others and many other things. All of my family has provided a very thorough instruction on how to love (and what love is not).

For all of my education, I give a hearty thanks. I feel as if I've lived three lifetimes of learning and experience so far. Maybe I'll be like a cat and have nine lives worth? Who knows really, but I do look forward to continually learning throughout my entire existence.

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