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no regrets

We live our lives out with every breath we take, yet do we really live?
Do we take advantage of every opportunity possible to show we care to those that need it most?
Do we seize the day as much as is in our power in order to live with no regrets?

I think about these things today and many days. They are a gauge for myself when I am in a rut and not seeing how to make better use of my opportunities. The most pressing of them all is making sure the best that I can to not live with regret. I've done it, and it hurts so much once regret greets you at it's closed, locked door.

Time cannot be brought back, so before it slips through our fingers, we must grasp onto it tightly and live.

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  1. How sad that it takes a devastating event to remind us to live life to its fullest.

  2. Sliding into a rut is more difficult than the climb out...but how rewarding when you find you are again living life on the crest and not in the depths! Enjoy every day this week...and more!
    I have made a "found poem"of SOL post titles today and your title is in my poem!

    1. I am excited by this! What an honor. I appreciate you wanting to use my title!. It means a lot to me.


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