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How do I decide which world event has been the most significant? I have not lived during one of the two world wars, but I have participated in nuclear bomb drills where somehow a desk will save you and lived to see the Cold War end; on a television half a world away, I watched the Berlin Wall come toppling over and people cry sweet freedom's song while grabbing up a piece of it to remember why it needed to come down. I remember Desert Storm as the beginning of a never-ending series of wars in which Americans invest blood, sweat, and tears, but never had to sacrifice like during the two world wars, and it continues on. I watched helplessly as the Twin Towers in New York City came tumbling down.

What is significant to me is that there is so much fighting and defending, yet it isn't classified as war, and somehow national debt saves us from making sacrifices in our daily lives to keep the troops going in all these situations. Maybe what is most significant is how we have been lulled into a silent acceptance that war is productive and we need that sort of productivity. I am not opposed to defending the rights of individuals and our republic, but I am weary of the world's significant events so often involving citizens of our country. And you know what else? I believe the world might want us to stay out of their events. Because we all know this world's sense of normal is peppered with violence and a endless cry for peace. No one nation can stop this madness. It begins with each individual desiring to live in harmony with everyone else. Every man, woman, and child striving toward righteousness and peace.

Call me a cynic, but I don't see that happening until Christ comes again. Maybe we can start with baby steps though and capture a portion for ourselves and our families until it grows. To live to see peace would be the most significant event the world could ever behold. I look forward to it.

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