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what you look like to me

What would it be like to have someone who takes time out of their busy day to ask about how I am faring
And really want to know
What kind of world would it be if I had even one person in my life who could see and give what I need
Without out any strings
How would it be to have one who understands, or at least attempts to comprehend, the many layers of complicated me
And loves me for it
How would it feel to know there will always be someone waiting in the wings encouraging me to succeed
Without the slightest lapse

It looks like a friend calling in the middle of the night
because they know I often can't sleep
It looks like a friend sharing and caring with all that they are
because they are assured I give all in return
It looks like every day, every time I turn this way or that
because I am surrounded
It looks like you, my friends, who continually give my dreams flight
because you are so good



  1. What beautiful words. Being a friend is a hard thing. I'm still trying to get better at it. Your poem speaks to the kind of friend I hope to be. Thanks!

  2. You have truly captured what friendship is all about. Honestly listening, caring and being available. We are so fortunate if we have "just one" friend that we can count on, and we are even luckier to be blessed with more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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