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I Dream of Genie: Part Two

The miracle occurred when I was standing in the hallway. I cannot remember why this impossible crush, older brother of the best friend decided to recognize me as a living being, but he did. It was like an out of body experience. I was invited in to talk about music and art and other such things with someone who was completely beautiful to me already, but now I realized how artistically amazing he truly was. I'd heard him sing in high school, so I knew about his gorgeous bass voice, but what I didn't know was how he lived artistically. Music, drawing, singing, writing, a band, thinking, creating. All that combined with his tall, dark and handsomeness, and you can see how it was almost too much for my cast off heart to handle.

It has been so long ago that I can't remember everything that we mulled over that first evening, but I distinctly recall feeling valued for my creative side. And as I think about it further, it is possible that some of these details of memory are a montage of a few conversations with him. Regardless, up until him opening the door to me that first time, I don't believe I had ever been appreciated in that light. Sure, guys had connected with me for my sporty side or because I liked dancing or for my outgoing personality or my inexhaustible charm (I am so way kidding. Just checking if you're still listening or if you're speed reading through.) No one before him ever wanted to talk so in depth with me about music love. Actually, that is one thing I will always be thankful to him for. It made me feel instantly important and of value during a time when I couldn't see my own worth.

Now getting to that genie business:

We got talking about his band and instruments, and I said that I'd really like to learn how to play guitar. I didn't invest a lot in anything I said or heard him say though. I was in simple awe that he and I were talking face to face. That was all I needed to be happy in that moment.

But all happy moments must end, especially when the day and night have both wasted away and it's time to go home. However, I left with a big smile on my face, driving home on cloud nine wishing new wishes that I could never imagine what they would bring.

. . . to be continued next week.

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