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i {heart} adoption

I've never formally adopted a child; however, today was adoption day for one of my friends. I had the supreme privilege of going with their family and doing the photography at the adoption hearing for their 13-year-old son.

While sitting there in awe of the formality of the proceedings, I realized something significant. It takes exceptional parents to choose a child whose problems they didn't make and make them their own. It takes an especially big heart to unconditionally love little (and, in this case, not so little) ones you didn't create yourself. The love and respect that I have for my two friends has grown immensely, and I am grateful for this experience.

Yet, I realized something more. As their son spoke on the witness stand, I was overwhelmed by his testimony. When asked why he wanted to be adopted by them, he answered, "I want to be adopted because they are a good family." Tears came to my eyes as I heard him. My children will never be able to say that they chose their mom, but he will. His mother died when he was young, and this dear heart and my sweet friend were brought together by Providence so he could have a mom here on earth while he continues growing up and forever have two. It is so beautiful to me how he chose my friends as much as they chose him. Its beauty takes my breath away.

I believe my soul was touched today in a way I will never forget.



  1. You have touched my soul in turn with the telling of this most wonderful story. Thank you.

  2. So beautiful! Adoptions are like stars that born; they make the world brighter.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. My husband and I are adopting from foster care, and this is just what I needed. Thank you, thank you.


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