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Simple Pleasures

When I was a child, I never drank big glasses of milk. It was pretty much reserved for cereal and mom's baking. I didn't crave it or think I was missing out on anything. But now, I really enjoy the simple deliciousness of milk. Plus, adding oreos to it is even better. Right?

Another thing I was realizing is how we never had straws at our house growing up. Straws were for restaurants and places you go out to, or so I thought. I remember it being exciting to get a big soda pop from the gas station or slurpees at 7-Eleven, and I always have loved eating out at restaurants, so maybe straws have a bit to do with it.

Thinking about these two simple pleasures causes me to wonder what my children will choose to keep on hand in their homes that they don't have now. The first thing that comes to mind is juice. I'm not big on drinking juice all the time. We have it from time to time, but I'd rather eat whole fruit or make smoothies from whole fruit than drink juice more often.

Now, I am full of wonder at what life will look like when my children are grown up.

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  1. It is nice to enjoy simple pleasures! Interesting question you posed. What we decide to include in our homes now that we delighted in but were not in our homes of origin probably reveals something interesting about us. I think I will ask my sister this when she comes to visit this week. I am thinking about what my answer will be!

  2. Great question! You've got me thinking. :-)


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