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freaked out! friday!

I don't know about you, but I have been anticipating Spring Break for awhile, but that anticipation now has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of feel to it...I look forward to taking my children on outings and spending time with them. BUT by the way this morning has gone so far--I FEAR FOR MY SANITY!!! I might turn into a beast of a mother next week.  

This situation makes me ponder on how my mom was able to cope with even more kids in her house. I do not wonder for a moment how she could absolutely need Prozac. Mind you she actually had depression issues, but add in a couple of punk step children and a 6-pack of children all born within a 7 year period and getting a nursing degree during that same time frame--you have got a certifiable nutcase on your hands and you would not blame her for it. 

Except my mom wasn't a nutcase. She was amazing.
Obviously she had her problems and shortcomings, but she knew how to do about a trillion things and could do them well. She played the piano like a champ, sang beautifully with an outstanding voice range, gardened with fervent enthusiasm in Las Vegas of all places, baked amazing treats (for Thanksgiving we had at least 10 pies to choose from), sewed gorgeous dresses for herself, me and others, gave of her money, time, and talents to beat the band to anyone she knew she might help, and so much more.  

I do not know how she did it, but I am grateful to have that example to look to.  She woke up and invested herself in life and was loved for it.

Maybe I won't go too nuts this coming week...we'll see.

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