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Autism and Injury

My Autistic daughter hurt her ankle in NOVEMBER and nothing showed up on an x-ray, but she was still complaining and still complaining so I took her to the doctor again in December and nothing showed up on the x-ray, but she was still complaining in January so I took her to the doctor a third time and the doctor ordered an MRI of the ankle.  Between rude dentists and office staff not doing their job, we finally got in for that MRI today.  You might wonder what ding dong dentists have to do with anything, but that is an even longer story and I just can't go there if I want to keep this a swearing-free blog.

Therefore, we will just get on with the fact that I love Primary Children's Hospital care nurses.  I am not sure what the actual title is for them, but I am talking about the kind, patient, helpful people who make sure my girl is as happy as possible while getting procedures and tests done.  They are angelic and they make my job as a mom easier when dealing with the pain and suffering of my child.

The doctor called me back amazingly fast and my munchkin has a five-month old fractured ankle.  Dude!  What is up with that?! Horrible, Irritating, Sad, GARBAGE!

If I could pick one over-arching theme to represent the difficulties of autism, it would be the lack of language and communication. This particular challenge is the cause of much crying, yelling, hitting of siblings, pain, tantrums, sadness, misunderstanding, and most importantly -- not knowing if my daughter even has any hopes or dreams and what the pain in her ankle feels like.

Even when your typical children are absolutely going on and on with complaining and bugging each other, it is vital that you remember they could have been unable to ever do any of that and be grateful (just for a moment).

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