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monday madness

This day is starting out pretty calm and I am glad for it, but I don't know how I will do everything I want to in such a short 24 hours.  I need to study and go to school even though my children are on Spring Break; I want to have a fire pit party with some neighbors tonight (I heart making fires almost as much as the color purple); It would be super nice to get my desk cleaned off, laundry done, backyard picked up before that fire pit party, etc. And I am certain that most people have this much to do every day, too.

Wouldn't it be nice to get to borrow some time from other days here and there? I would call it Flex Time!
You could borrow time from another day and not get exhausted so long as you got 6-8 hours of sleep before your next "day" started and you could only have the same average 24 hours per day every week. That would be interesting, I think.

The one thing I wonder is how that would work for overachievers like me.  What day would we make up for it on and how long would that day be?  I am completely certain that my Wednesdays and/or Thursdays would end up being like four hours long or something like that.

Another thing about flex time is we would need to coordinate it with buddies and such so we could do stuff with them or we might miss out on tons of social time or play too much over our flex schedule. When I ponder those aspects, it might get extremely complicated.

God knew what he was doing by not giving us this option. He was definitely thinking of the overachiever and saving them from themselves.

Well, here goes another Monday. May you have the best one humanly possible and then some.


  1. I too am an overacheiver- it drives family and friends crazy. Love the idea of borrowing time... there is very rarely enought time in the day for much- especially with two toddler running around. One thing about me - I am terrified of fires. I would make my husband crazy, asking him to call the fire deppartment, when our neighbors were having bon fires in the backyard (we lived in an apartment).

    here is my link http://mommymmsankey.blogspot.com/
    sorry it took so long- just not enough time :)

  2. Update:
    I went to school, the children had a great time with their aunt and cousins while I was at school, we got most of the yard picked up, did the fire pit thing, but my laundry went untouched and my kitchen is suffering from neglect...too tired to work any more. Flex time sounds so perfect, but I will settle for a shower and some SLEEP!


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