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Cheesy Beginnings


In honor of Whimsical Wednesday, I have modified the Reaction options to my posts. Instead of funny, interesting, and cool, we will now enjoy choosing from love it, thought-provoking, and absolute cheese whiz. 

I dedicate the love it option to my superfriend and attribute thought-provoking to the serious person within me, and absolute cheese whiz is the brain-child of my weirdo self. 

Since "absolute cheese whiz" is a vague and strange reaction, I would like to clarify or define when to use the choice absolute cheese whiz.
When a posting is:
  • funny
  • clever
  • silly
  • amusing
  • ridiculous
  • weird
  • absurd
  • bizarre
  • almost as good as cheese whiz itself
please click on it. 

1 comment:

  1. This post DEFINITELY falls under the absolute cheez whiz category! Especially since there are pictures of it all over the place! ;) I clicked on love it AND cheese whiz!


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