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Yoga and Spring Break

Try to imagine doing yoga with a CD playing in the background.  Most likely you are hearing nature sounds or some kind of aboriginal flute-type instrument putting out relaxing music (I forget what it is called -- David please inform us) My yoga reality this morning was something quite opposite to the slow breathing, body stretching, mind calming effect that yoga moves should have on a person.

For some background, I have a home gym and run a small exercise group with my friends and neighbors. It is more like a support group for women that don't really love exercise, but want to be fit and so we help each other to stay on the wagon. Junk Food Eaters Anonymous. Love/Hate Relationship with Exercise Club. Jogging Stinks But We Are Trying it Anyway Wagon.

It is Spring Break, but to stay on that wagon we did a workout session this morning. At the end of the workout we started doing a set of Sun Salutations for cool down.  My darling monkeys were upstairs eating breakfast and tormenting one another and tattle-telling like crazy, but I was in the zone and everything was fine...then the blasts of "MOM! MOM! MOM!" and other irritating kid yelling tactics broke through the calm and silence I had created in my head and I could not keep from laughing.  It was so hilarious that my exercise partner began laughing too.

Who, in their right mind, would do yoga with kid noise going in the background? A mom. and she must be a very determined one at that. 

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