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Amazingly Funny

I have been entertaining a whole lot of negativity over the past month or so and when my niece sent me some clips of  Jim Gaffigan's comedy I had to stop and laugh my heart out. Laughter is seriously good medicine for the sorrowful heart and it lifted me.

The clip I share with you takes digs at some of the things in life that we might catch ourselves complaining about and Gaffigan makes fun of the complaining by brazenly pointing out the awesomeness of our reality.

How many times a day do we allow negativity to spoil the sheer amazingness of life? There are miraculous occurrences every day, every minute happening somewhere all around the world and probably right in front of our very eyes if we will open them and see.

Being alive today in our world can try our patience. It can be worrisome and irritating. But--it can also be a blessed and happy existence if we keep our eye focused on the amazing--No matter what.

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