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Double Rainbows: What do they mean?

I just got done going on a roadie with my BFF, her little sister, her daughter and one of her sons and we had a hysterically fun time.  One of the things that makes it so memorable and hilarious comes from when we saw some double rainbows while driving through Utah.

I was reveling in the beauty of said rainbows when her sister and daughter start laughing and dramatically yelling "What does it mean?!?!" over and over.  I was baffled until they explained that there was some youtube video about double rainbows and some guy overly enjoying it.

So, this morning I had to watch the video and had to share it with all of you just in case you have not had the absolute pleasure and delight of viewing the double rainbow guy's video.

Another aspect of the double rainbow roadtrip experience was that of awe. My friend's daughter is the same age as my autistic daughter and so I get to see all the fun things she is learning and doing and appreciate the typicalness of my BFF once removed. So anyways. We are driving, appreciating God's gorgeous rainbows, laughing about random videos on the internet, and then she busts out her ukelele and starts playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I love this version of the song. It brings me to a place where I feel my mother near me and the hope of seeing her again someday soon.

I don't know about you, but some of my best memories ever are ones that are bipolar just like this one--full of laughter and missing someone and appreciating God's creations all in the same moment.

Happy Monday!

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