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Personhood of the Traveling Grape Soda

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares is the inspiration for the fun we are to embark upon this day. I had to read the series for a Adolescent Literature course I took last year and I openly admit I enjoyed them. They are a little cheesy at times, have a touch of controversial subjects in them, but on the whole, they explore the teenage female psyche in such a way that I could see myself in each of the characters, at times. And the story is creative as well. I recommend the books for ages 15+ boy or girl, including adults.

For those of you who have never heard of these books, there is this group of friends that has a semi-magical pair of pants that they share between them over the summer/years to help them feel like they are part of each others' lives even though life is pulling them in every direction. The pants travel all over the world and this is where I get to our bit of silliness...

I am creating the Personhood of the Traveling Grape Soda. At first I was going to call it a sisterhood, then I thought maybe a brotherhood, but all felt too sexist as I truly do want a balanced audience. So, I came up with the term Personhood. I was sort of joking about it avoiding sexist language, but when my 11-year old heard the term he didn't catch the gleam in my eye and said, "yeah, that sounds good" or something to that effect. Hence, the name is a winner and not a joke.

The very first photo is the birthplace of Crush Grape Soda (Crush for short). Well, maybe not the birthplace, but the adoption agency for other soda pops like Crush.

Since it is impractical and impossible to get the original Crush all over the world, I invite you to snap a photo of Any Grape Soda in proxy of Crush, post it here and tell us the location of our little traveler.

Get silly and HAVE FUN!

Nielsen's Frozen Custard - Las Vegas, Nevada USA


  1. I cannot figure out how to enable you, the participating audience, to post photos directly onto this post. Therefore, please email your photo(s) to:
    with your name (if you would like) and where in the world the photo was taken!

    And I will update the instructions if/when I ever figure out what to do...

  2. Oh, I will have to find some grape soda and go on excursions with my daughter :)

  3. Here is my post about the personhood of the travelling grape soda


  4. I don't have a picture, but I drank a grape Gatorade at a Real Salt Lake soccer game today.

  5. I didn't know that grape Crush was still available. You have given me a new mission in life!

  6. Too bad Bailey's "Power to the PTGS pic is not on your blog. That one would have been a fun one to comment on. hehe. ;)


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