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Validation Through Creative Expression

This song is a little bit on the not-so-new side, but I had not heard it until the other day.

It astounds me every time I am made so keenly aware of the fact that, while I might believe my life, issues, thoughts and emotions are so unique and original, people are all so very much alike. The life experiences each of us goes through most certainly have different details and we are each very much separate and distinct persons with freedom to act for ourselves. Yet, we can hear a song, see a photograph, read a poem or a story and in an instant feel a connection or validation through the creative expressions of others. It is a beautiful thing.

Thank you to every writer of songs, poetry, movies, stories, or books, every singer, speaker, actor, and artist of any kind that makes the effort to reach out to the world through their creativity in order to touch our hearts and minds.

I love being a part of God's family.

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