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What's In a Name?

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

Ok. So I totally should have done a search prior to choosing my profile name and the title to my blog...Holy cow! I don't know how anyone finds me!  My little upstart blog over here is lost in a sea of all things purple. I promise you that I truly thought I was being smart. (probably should stop that thinking stuff )

My theory is that lovers of purple must think very much the same; therefore, a seemingly profound lack of originality on our parts. I don't know what I would want to call my baby of a blog though. Who changes their child's name after naming it? Seriously.

Now the whole Purple Lady issue: I don't care how many other purple ladies there are out in the world--or what they do for a living. I so way am the real deal and anyone who reads this blog knows it.

Most of my readership is shy about commenting, but I super want to know what you, the actual readers of this here blog, think about my dilemma.

Should I change my baby's name? And if so, what would you suggest?

In order for me to entertain the idea of changing the name, I need a super unique idea. Why exchange one common name for something that is just a bit less common?  That would be a waste in my opinion.

So, bring it on peeps. Let me know what you think. Do you like the name as is or should I change it? Resist the temptation to read and not say anything! Be Brave!


  1. I think you should LEAVE it. It is sooooooooo you! AND sure...y any other name, it would smell just as sweet...but it wouldn't wreak as much of The Purple Lady! hehe. Anyone who really wants to read your blog knows how to find it. You especially make it easier since you've started posting your updates on fb. That's normally how I read them. So yeah...I wouldn't change a thing. ;)

  2. Shannon: I think your opinion wins the prize (if there was one). I can't think of any other options...purplicious! might work, but it doesn't sound as sophisticated ;)


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