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Good Times with Jules

A couple days ago, my site developer (aka the girlfriend that helps me fix stuff I mess up on here and knows how to do cute headers and stuff like that) and I went out into the hills near my home and did a photo shoot for my blog and The Purple Lady Facebook page.

There was this insanely disgusting couch out in a little grove of trees screaming my name, so of course I had to take photos on it.  I could tell Julie thought I was a little nuts at first, but by the time we didn't have enough light filtering through the trees we were totally in a groove.

We had so much fun I can hardly come up with words to describe it. As a thirtysomething with four children, I cannot recall the last time I was able to be so creative and silly and fun in an adult sort of way. With kids, you can always get down on their level with tickling, telling jokes, pretending with them, and all that sort of stuff. This was different. Two grown women out in the middle of open hills goofing off with books, hats, purple sashes and a grotesquely unique couch made for a fabulous evening. Maybe you had to be there to picture it, but trust me--it was a blast!

And of course, keep your eyes peeled for the photos when they are ready in a couple weeks!

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