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My Sweetie Girl

My 14-year old autistic daughter went to a Girls Camp for a half-day trip and came home over-the-top happy. Girls her age go to this type of camp for five days, sleeping there and she went for half a day, yet still comes home with all the buzz of a week long camp excursion.

The camp was  up in the mountains where it got really cold and so she put on a sweatshirt they gave her with the camp theme on it. Well, she arrived home a bit ago and it is too hot to be wearing sweatshirts in the real world, but she will NOT take off that sweatshirt! I told her I would just take it off to wash it and she will have nothing to do with that.  So, of course I am letting her have her sweatshirt. I helped her put on the coolest pair of pajama shorts she owns, put her hair in a ponytail, and told her if she wants to sweat it out tonight to have fun. and she just said, "yes, shirt".

Girl - ONE
Mom - ZERO

Another awesome thing about this monkey girl is that she will end up going on about this half-day camp experience for at least a month (except it will be as if it happened yesterday--every day for at least a month). It does not take much for her to be completely eaten up with excitement. I love it so much and I love her.

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  1. ... love the purple design ...

  2. Laura that is SO sweet!!!! My sister took an Autistic girl to girls camp one year loved how hppy and excited everything made her! Love you!

  3. Shannon JacksonFriday, June 24, 2011

    Just goes to show what a sweet spirit that girl has. She knows the gospel is true in her own way...and that girl's camp is a righteous experience. So happy for her! Make sure and tell her that HER shirt is pretty (from her Auntie Shannon). ;)

  4. I tried to find someone coming up for just a day, but everyone was spending a night or just coming up Thursday when she already had a ride! She was so sweet and scratched my back for me! I'm so glad she loves the sweatshirt! It was fun to see her and enjoy the campfire with her!

  5. She reminds me of how simple it can be to be truly happy.


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