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Women are Amazing

I haven't been really big on following the latest music videos for quite a few years now, but when I spent a little time pondering on what the song "Just the Way You Are" was trying to tell us I knew I needed to watch the video to gain more perspective on this song with all the right words.

First of all, I really like the simplicity of the video. Sometimes the stuff going on in videos detracts from any message that might be able to come out just from being too jam-packed with artsy stuff. The use of the tape made me laugh to myself a bit because I can hardly imagine that either one of the people in this video has ever really used a tape player--in real life. The artistic use of the tape was super creative though and it was a unique and interesting medium for playing out the scene and music.

The part that disappointed me was that it was yet again just another serenade from a boy to a girl who are in their youth. This girl Mr. Mars is singing to has amazing hair, a thin bod, gorgeous skin, eyes, mouth, etc. OF COURSE SHE LOOKS AMAZING! I salute him for writing a song celebrating love and the beauty of women. The words are simply...amazing. The message encourages the concept of realizing woman's beauty and I believe he is only using the outside to represent the whole package. or at least I can hope for that.

What I would like to see more of in modern music media is taking those same perfect words and applying them to all women everywhere. If I were to make a music video of this same song, I would do a slide show with photos of girls with braces and freckles or that haven't quite learned how to do their hair cool, women with shiny grey hair and laugh lines or short, thinning hair and shining happy eyes, an average shaped woman pregnant with her fourth child, women working in fields, playing instruments, wiping a child's tear-stained face and I would purposefully leave out anyone done up in any objectifiable manner.

I think I just made up a new word by using objectifiable, but what I mean to identify is how we as women turn ourselves into objects with some of the things we do with our appearance to attempt a show of outward beauty for ourselves and others. The amazingness comes from our inner core and shines through our actions. If we happen to have great teeth, hair, or eyes, then super! but realize your gorgeousness in the every day good things you do.

In short, I believe that women are beautiful. period. and I bet there are about a million normal guys out there in the world dating, seeking, and married to these said beauties who would agree with me.


  1. Great great great post! Lovely song also! I totally agree with your views. Hope your having a great day.

    XO Shar

  2. Shar: thanks for the comment. I actually struggled with getting the words out that I wanted to convey. I FEEL so much more than words can express on this topic of woman's beauty. My hope is that this message will reach the hearts of many and help them see themselves more deeply.
    Hope you are having a fab day too!


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