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a different future

Yes, my sweet child, your future will be
Different than it could have been.
I think of all that might have been,
And my heart breaks for you, for me
For all of us.
But what you don't know,
What you cannot see right now, is that
Your future will be brighter than
Anything we could have foreseen
Because you will have a mother
Who is no longer defeated,
You will have a mother
Who can be her whole self,
Full of love and vibrancy
Which before was
Stifled and
Trampled and
Thought to be a bother.

Our futures must be different
Than what was hoped,
Yet, as you grow older, you will learn
That is how all futures go.
The future is not written entirely.
However, your future will be good
Because you are good--
You are an angel of love and tenderness
Of heart and soul, an embodiment of joy
Growing in understanding.
Through this life
Of suffering and pain,
Peace shall come to you,
My sweet child. 

While I do not know the details of the story, 
I see your future ahead of me,
And it is a beautiful sight to behold.
You will have a path to walk upon
Because I will have blazed a trail
With all my tears and heartache
That you may know
That God watches over us.
He walks all along the way
When we ask him to come near.

Therefore, we shall take change in stride
Because we are strong.
We will stand unafraid  
Because we are women divine.

For little D.

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