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Something to think about

It is amazing how one little quote can push you to see the world more closely--push you to reflect. As I read the words "Let the beauty you love be what you do.", I think about how we often set a double standard for ourselves and others. I am guilty of it, too.  Do I act in ugly or beautiful ways?

This also causes me to think about all the beautiful examples I have surrounding me: my Aunt Marilyn who loves me so much, filling a few of the holes in my heart every time I see her; my daughter who is so giving and thoughtful; my best friend who sees a Christ allegory in almost everything; my dear neighbor friend whose meekness I strive to copy. There is beauty all around and I am reminded that we ought not just sit back and observe, but do something with our gifts.

So any which way you take this quote to mean, I hope it also caused you to reflect on what you do with the beauty that you love.

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  1. I love this quote. Thanks for reminding me to look for ways I bring beauty to the world.

    Made my day...Thanks!



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