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Lunch Is Never Just Lunch

I went to eat lunch at the school with my youngest, and here is how it went:

I thought to myself as I walked past the paramedics vehicle in front of the school I will definitely survive--they already called for back up; proceeded to the office to get checked into school land; walked past two teachers quarreling in the hall; stood watching my son lolloping toward me completely oblivious to my presence; said BOO! loudly and got a really cute smile out of him; upon reading the menu, announced that I hate fish sticks, but that a chicken patty sandwich sounds fabulous; received informal poll results from several children on how they hate both options; conducted a mini-lecture on how there are starving children in the world and we need to be grateful for fresh food (boy, did I feel like a jerk for saying I didn't like a type of food); proceeded to vocalize high praise for all the fresh, hot food as we went through the cafeteria line; sat with my little monkey boy and his friends, one of which announced that he only had a roll and milk since he forgot lunch money too many days in a row, so, of course, I had to give the kid half of all he would take of my lunch (believe it or not, he passed on the curly fries offer); witnessed a kid getting bullied by two bigger kids at a table next to ours; proceeded to tell the bullies to knock it off; ate more lunch with my monkey and his friends (oh yeah, and one of my friend's daughters came over and sat on the other side of me--I feel special); witnessed the bullied kid going under the table to get stuff the bullies were messing with; pretty much commanded said bullies to Leave the boy alone right now! and Get busy eating your food right now! and I mean it! Now!; finished eating; gave a hug to my sweetie guy and got one in return bigger than I gave; proceeded to the garbage area to witness a disgusting amount of food wasting as I threw away my trash; gave another big hug goodbye; got roped into using every cent of spare change I had on a slew of candy grams to surprise my children and one of my friends who works at the school (she is newly divorced and so I don't think she'll get many valentines other than from students this year); checked out; survived.


  1. I love your post. I felt like I was right there with you all the way through lunch.

  2. Lucky little monkey to have mom come to lunch. Lucky little guy to have a champion against the bullies. (See the waste every day at lunch duty... so sad.) Lucky kids and friend who will get a Valentine surprise. Lucky you, the survivor!


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