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colorful flooring


When I was very young, our home was an olive green which was quite fabulous during the 1970's, but after a home renovation project, my parents got it painted bright white with a turquoise-like blue trim. My parent's entire house was painted in pretty much the same shade of eggshell white on the inside; however, the modge podge of flooring made up for the lack of creativity in paint colors. 

Every single room in the house had a different floor. Our entry was ceramic tile with tans and creams with a delicate floral design on the corners. The music room was carpeted in a mauve shag. A sandy (light-colored dirt) berber was found in the front room and down the hallway to the main bedrooms. The front bathroom had linoleum, but the master bath had a nice caramel-like ceramic floor and tiled shower. Every bedroom was different as well. My childhood bedroom, the one that ended up becoming my mother's sewing room, had the original carpet from when the house was built in the 1940s or '50s. Talk about gross. But anyways. The family room had a brown shag when I was really young, and then when we got the pool table, my parents picked out a flat blue carpet that did not in anyway match the blaring turquoise felt on the table. I think it was their way of compromising. Dad got the pool table. Mom got the pretty shade of blue carpet for the floor. Lastly, the kitchen was tiled with shiny (quite slick when wet) grayish white with blue flowers ceramic and blue grout. My mom did the tile work in our house, so although nothing really matched, it was so cool that mom had done it all by herself.


  1. The carpeting I remember was pretty much low-pile, easy maintenance - in a green/white tweedy look - every room but the kitchen & bath. The lino in the kitchen was big blue and white squares, but it was so heavily waxed that the white squares were a dark yellow.

    In the 70s, my mom put indoor/outdoor carpet in the kitchen and some sort of fluffy DIY wall-to-wall in the bathroom. After all these years, I don't remember the colors.

    We had white walls - everywhere, if memory serves. But the living room was textured with that awful 'popcorn' stuff that was so popular before people developed taste.

    It was horrible. If you bumped against a wall, it would take the skin right off your arm. And, due to the bumpy nature of the surface, it collected dust like little shelves all over the wall.

  2. It's funny to me how home fads go. Flooring is just one of them. Thanks for sharing!


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