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movies, pirates, and singing


Movies have a large influence on my life--probably a much larger influence than they should. My parents started it. I grew up going to opening weekend showings, and we had one of the very first home movie players: a Betamax. That just sounds important, right?

I don't really have just one favorite movie because there are so many that are so very good, but I will share with you my very first favorite movie.

I remember going to the hole in the wall video store with my mom to purchase our first movie. It was The Pirates of Penzance, and I must tell you that between my mom and my brothers and me, we wore that Betamax tape out! To this day, we all have a love for that particular comic opera that just hasn't faded.  At the end of 2011, I took my youngest brother to see a live performance of The Pirates of Penzance for his birthday, and we loved it so much that he turned around and bought us tickets to see it another night just so we could compare casts and enjoy it once more before it finished its run.

Some of my favorite parts of the movie include when Kevin Kline is being a buffoon during the Pirate King opening song, Rex Smith is wooing the maidens with Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast, and when the Sergeant and police do their big dance number before going after the pirates. The entire film is enchanting, but those are my top three favorite parts.

I admit to crushing on Rex Smith like crazy. There's just something about a man being able to sing and do it with animation and feeling (those leather thigh-high boots help a bit, too). It gets me every time.

A few YouTube clips for your viewing enjoyment:

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