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fish are friends

photo by C.
I'd like to introduce all y'all to the newest additions to our family. The fish to the left is Tiger Stripe (Tiger for short); Juicy Licious (Juicy) is the orange and white one; And the snail up in the top right corner is Flash Gordon (Flash). 

If you couldn't tell, I am the one responsible for giving them proper last names.

These little guys were not expensive, nor are they extravagant sorts of creatures; however, the measure of joy they have brought into our home has been priceless. We all just needed something fun and different, and this mom [pats back] saw our old fish bowl in the craft room and decided to fill it with friends. When I told the children about my idea, you would have thought I offered them a vacation to Disneyland or something. The trip to the pet store was Giddy Excitement personified. Coming up with their names was an afternoon of fun, and ever since, feeding, watching, and talking about our new aquatic friends has been one of the happiest distractions we've had in months. 

Now, let's all hope they don't die... 

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  1. Such a fun post. You captured all the excitement of this new undertaking!


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